Flight fiasco, super bowl

Hey everyone!!

The last few days have been hectic, stressful, and exhausting to say the least. Between the super bowl, a friend coming in from California, and just every day life. Its been an adventure.

The girls have been playing puzzles a lot lately. We have the Disney character puzzles where you put together an outfit and give them a different expression. Lisa loves to take out all of the outfits and put them together before she puts them on her doll. She does the same with Evelyn’s puzzle. I finally got Evelyn to say “bock” (block) instead of la-la. If there is an “L” sound in a word, she will not pronounce it. It will disappear. But if it starts with “L” sound it’s the whole word. She is a sassy one she is. She knows the words, but is determined not to say them. It does gives me a good chuckle when she says “clock”, even in my worst moods.

The super bowl was one of the most uneventful ever. My husband and I are not sports people. I used to be before Doc Mcstuffins, Vamparina, and Puppy Dog Pals ruined my mommy television time before 7 or 8pm. However, we put it on for the fun of it. Why not right? Its different and it’s not a kids show. So we turned it on and had dinner together, nothing was happening. Patriots got a field goal and that was it. I put the children to bed and they had a hard time settling, but they settled down nonetheless…. So I thought. At half time, Maroon 5 came on, and out of the bedroom toddles a sleepy and discombobulated Lisa. “Mommy, I want to listen to the musdic with you and daddy too.” No, that is not a spelling error. That’s how she says music. We let her watch the half time show with us (even though it was absolutely horrible). We try and put her to bed and she came back out to watch the rest of the game. She fell asleep about a half hour later.

We have a friend from California who is coming to visit for a while. His flight came in this morning. Initially he wasn’t supposed to be here until Sunday! He was going to use a bus. But decided a plane would be best. I helped him find a flight and thought we were set. I found a flight for 98 dollars for what I thought was an airport in Las Vegas. I asked for the flight information and found out I made a huge mistake; I booked him a flight from Los Angeles!!!! Oops. The problem was resolved and he arrived safe and sound. Note for all other booking flights: if the price looks too good to be true, check the airport location.

I wonder what the next adventure will be. A story hopefully. Stay tuned to find out!


Baking adventures

Hello everyone,

Today is a slow start to an absolutely frigid morning. My phone says it is a whole 6 degrees outside but our google home says 3. The last few days have been an emotional roller coaster. I don’t even have much to say today. I’m still trying to process everything. So I’ll add a few honorable mention moments.

I got some mommy time to myself and went to Walmart yesterday. I use color street for my nails. It is an 100% nail polish strip that is 95% dry upon application. With two small children who has the time to wait for stuff to dry. And I found different brand nail strips! They were $2.50… they are made by the same CEO as the color street strips I normally use. I am so excited. I put them on last night before bed and for the no nails that I have (I bit them all off which I haven’t done in months) I put them on. And for what I paid them I am stoked!. And the design is super cute.

The peach color is the set I bought at walmart. The purple is through my online color street nail consultant.

The girls were being typical 2 and 3 year olds yesterday. They were on top of the world and no one could bring them down. I love that my girls are so free-spirited however, I hate that no is never an acceptable answer to a preschooler. After about 5 hours of my husband being out for errands and basic essentials, I had just about enough of the ever growing sass levels in my house. So I promised my girls if they could behave for a while we could make cupcakes. Well, they didn’t behave. But I am a push over and wanted to bake. Also my oldest daughter asked for “ yellow and white glitter” as I was walking out the door for Walmart. All I could think in my mind was that there was absolutely we were going to invite craft glitter into my home because I know for a fact it would never leave and undoubtedly would end up in a pile on the carpet or on my living room coffee table….. I cringe just at the thought. So I bought sugar sprinkles for our cupcakes. The girls and I “baked” in the kitchen for about a half hour. They put the stuff in the bowl, mixed it and lined the cupcake pans with liners. I scooped everything into the cupcake tins. I always get the hard or annoying part of baking. =)

I just mostly wanted to share the picture Of our “ glitter” cupcakes

I can be Crafty

Hey everyone,

This morning at 5 am  I was having a million thoughts go through my head as  I was trying to get my 2 and a half year old to go back to sleep on the couch. All I could think of was god, I wish I could write this down. This is a crafty post! Some feedback and suggestions are welcome as well. What projects are you working on? Are they big or small?

First off, I would like to say I am super crafty, AC Moore (when it still existed in my area) as well as Michael’s and the craft section of my local Walmart is literally my best friend and worst nightmare. I love to be there but hate all the money I could blow through. I started cross stitching back in high school. I absolutely loved it. I can sit there for hours and be happy. Then as it happens to everyone else, life started happening and it started happening fast. College and jobs came and went and as soon as I graduated college I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. I worked at a call center and would try and cross stitch in between calls. But it wasn’t the ideal situation. I was cross stitching a birth announcement for my oldest that is still unfinished. As I sit on my couch trying to convince my two children it is quiet time I have a million unfinished projects and a million more I would like to start!


My next project I plan on doing (and actually getting done) is a “quiet book”. I have heard these books called several things. I have heard them call quiet books, busy books, felt book and soft book.  It is a felt book with different games, activities, and learning experiences for young children. As anybody can imagine, my apartment is filled to the brim with toys, coloring stuff, stuffed animals, and the works. I am DONE DONE DONE with all the toys. For my almost 4 year old daughter I am going to make her a quiet book for her birthday. There are so many different options in order to make this. Will I sew it, will I hot glue it, what sort of activities are right for her age and mental ability and how should it be bound so that it doesn’t get destroyed?  I bought the felt I am going to use at my local Walmart and since I don’t own a hot glue gun I will sew it all together. How to bind it, we will see how that goes. This is just a fun example of what an activity page can be. I thought that was the cutest pumpkin face ever.

quiet book

I convinced myself I was going to start an Etsy store… So I started making hand painted picture frames, friendship bracelets, wine glasses and glass candle holders . As I go to seal my glasses I realized as I got the wrong Mod Podge! Also, I turn around for 3 seconds, and my 2 and half year old finds my paint I left sitting on the table. I spent a week trying to scrub the paint out of my carpet. Thank the goodness that it was white paint on what is supposed to be white carpet. It has been disgusting since we moved in. I have about 6 bottles of paint and about 5 or 6 glasses waiting to be painted and 2 bottles of Mod Podge, just waiting for the right time to be used.


My husband is an anime / manga/ video game fan. Before we started dating the only anime I had ever watched and I feel like it doesn’t even count was Pokémon. Ever since we have started dating and whenever I get the chance which is an hour or 2 after the kids go to bed I will either play games with him or binge watch a few episodes of anime. The first 2 or 3 years of our relationship our go to for things to watch on TV was Fairy Tail, Doctor Who or Family Guy. Fairy Tail has been a huge stepping stone in our relationship. Our oldest daughter’s middle name is one of the main characters name. It is beautiful, it is strong, it is love, it is home. That’s what Fairy Tail means to me and more. Due to all of this in our life we make it appoint to go to at least one con a year. Usually we will go to PAX East, a gaming convention. Last year I was determined to cosplay as Levy McGarden. But time was not on my side, and as I learned the hard way, neither were my sewing skills. Not up to the par as I had thought they were. Needless to say there is an unfinished costume sitting in a bag in my closet. In case you aren’t familiar with Fairy Tail, this is Levy and the cosplay I plan to make. It is almost a mid thigh length shirt with unattached long sleeves with black leggings, red boots (who knows what I will do for those) and a yellow hair scarf.



I would honestly consider this blog another project. Not nearly as visually creative of painting, cross stitching, or cosplaying. But a creative output for me to write down my thoughts and little fun facts about my life. If nothing this will be a great journal to myself when I go to read back on it.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Don’t forget to comment about any fun projects you are working on.




Two in one post!

January 2nd 2019

Hey everyone,

So I know this is supposed to be a short story blog. And it still will be. But I am going to try and do some daily posts as well. I started a blog with the intention of writing a story a week, and see how well that turned out. ( It didn’t, and that is okay.) To be honest, I may be a mom of two, but still feel like a first time mom who hasn’t figured how to balance everything yet. So I’d like to set a realistic goal of one blog post of something fun or exciting that has happened or something I would like to try out. Also to complete a story every 3 weeks.

Every year people say they are going to make a resolution, or two or five. They think change can happen over night, in an instant the moment the clock strikes midnight. Like Cinderella, they think it will last, but it doesn’t. I don’t like to be disappointed in myself or others. It’s a hard feeling to cope with, that is worse than anger. I am not making promises . Especially, because I plan on going back to school part time. I am actually sort of excited about that. So being a full time mom, working part time and part time going to school, I’d like to add part time blogging as a second job, even though realistically I know I won’t be getting paid for my rambles any time soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Every day will be a new day. Hopefully something exciting to blog about.

Today, January 8th

Hey everyone.

So, just a random a post while my next story is a work in progress. Now that the holidays are over and all the commotion has settled, my kitchen is still in disarray. The one thing is despise more than folding laundry is doing the dishes. So that needs to get done today before any adventures happen.

I am the mom of two beautiful and intelligent little girls, who can love me and push every last button I have at the same time. My husband has recently moved my television from the bedroom to our loving room at my request. We are big gamers here and thought it would be nicer to play side by side rather in two separate rooms. So out into the living room it went…. It has literally been the best thing we have decided on. The kids love it. And so doesn’t my husband. He can game when he gets home while the kids finish whatever movie they are watching.

But the whole point to this is my kids are starting to pick up gaming. My 4 year old, Lisa is learning how to play minecraft. She was fishing in game and said to me “ I get to fish?! Oh my god I’m so excited!” When she finally got the hang of it and I felt comfortable enough to leave her side, I was on the other side of the apartment and I hear “ mommy I got a fish!” well, she caught about 30ish fish.. So my next half hour of puttering around the house I had to acknowledge every 30 seconds or a minute and a half that she is doing a great job catching fish.

My crazy kitchen…. I don’t even know where to begin. I can clean it and it will be a mess in literally 5 seconds. My husband says to wash things as you make them dirty, but I honestly struggle to operate that way. Usually after I make the food ( usually for me kids) its play time or snuggle time right after. And id rather be present for that than to be stuck in the kitchen. At one point my kids thought I lived in the kitchen. So I put an end to that pretty quick. My latest meals have been waffles and chicken. The waffles I make from scratch. For whatever reason the last 2 batches have been extra watery so I feel like a scientist trying to add stuff as I go to fix it. The flour doesn’t always fix it so I go through adding a little bit more of all the dry ingredients until I get the consistency I want.

Next was chicken. It was supposed to be a family dinner. But I am so tired of cooked chicken because when I lived with my parents chicken was on the menu at least two times a week. I just put it in the oven as is and cut it up for my husband for sandwiches for a few days. I have no idea how to cook. I have like 7 or 8 solid meals I can cook without needing to check if I am missing an ingredient or how long it takes to cook. But I can feel the food rut happening. Its so hard to cook for just 2 people when I know the kids wont eat whatever I am making. I can offer up anything any amount of times. Lisa, my 4 year old will say “ no thank you mommy, I’m full.” And 2 and half year old, Evelyn, will just say “ nope.” And walk away. Hopefully this will change soon.

Update on school: I need to talk to an advisor specialist to sign up for class and also need a high school transcipt…. Its been 10 years since then. I bet I may still have one laying around!

More posts in a few days. Stay tuned.

The Journey Begins

My name is Jessi. This is my first blog and who knows how many people will read it. This is just going to be a way for me to have a creative outlet. I am a full time mom of 2 little girls and I work part time at a grocery store. I am going to try and shoot for 1 short story a week to start, maybe I’ll get so used to doing this I will aim for two!! So sit back and lets ride this tidal wave out together. You may even get some entertainment from it!

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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